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Updated: Oct 6, 2022

What a day in the BAIFIT HQ! Congratulations to all our competitors on a huge day of testing every aspect of their fitness. Our BAIFIT crew work so hard in the gym, and these competitions are an opportunity to test our fitness levels, in a safe and supportive environment. With majority of our teams taking part in their first ever competition, we couldn’t be more proud of the efforts shown on the gym floor!

Whilst it’s not all about winning, we would like to acknowledge those who finished on top of the podium.

RX Male / Male.

1. Dan & Buzz

2. Matt & Franco

3. Marty & Will

RX Female / Female.

1. Maddy & Niamh

2. Bek & Ruby

3. Elly & Mikayla

Scaled Female / Female.

1. Lou & Emily

2. Monique & Abi

3. Julia & Millie

Thank-you to all those who took part, our volunteers, sponsors and supporters, the day couldn’t have been so successful without you!

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