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Do I have to be fit before I come to BaiFit? Not at all. There is no pre-requisite level of fitness to attend our Mid Week Mono or Super Saturday Classes classes, we can (and do) tailor to all ability levels. Personal Training is completely customised to your fitness level as well, to help you become confident in all areas of the gym. Please note: Barbell & Gymnastics are for PT members only.

What should I bring? Yourself in comfortable gym clothing and trainers, an open mind and a positive attitude! Towel and drink bottle also recommended.

What if I'm injured? We can usually tailor any workout around injuries and niggles. Please let the Coach know if you are unable to perform any of the movements and we will find you an alternative.

Do you have Open Gym? No BaiFit does not have Open Gym. All training is done in either group fitness or personal training with a coach present.



Do you accept Fitness Passport? No BaiFit does not accept Fitenss Passport. All bookings are made via Zen Planner or Class Pass.

Can I drop in? Yes, absolutely! You can purchase a single class and then make sure to book in. Our classes are scale-able to all ability levels.

Can I attend Barbell Class & Gymnastics? Barbell and Gymnastics are for BaiFit Personal Training members only. This is to ensure adequte foundations and safety in these classes. Contact us to join PT and have these added benefit classes!


Do you have showers? Yes we do! Full change rooms are available in the Bernie Mullane Sports Complex indoor stadium. Please bring your own towel and toiletreis.

What is parking like? Parking at Bernie Mullane Sports Complex is free & available all day. Parking is shared amongst all park users so please arrive early to leave adequate time to park. PLEASE be careful of children moving from grounds, park and facilities to the carpark and be mindful when reversing that some parking bays are two-way traffic.

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