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Congratulations to our five BaiFit athletes who progress onto Stage 2 of the 2023 CrossFit Season, and took on the QuarterFinals weekend from Friday 17 - Sunday 19 March. This included Maddy Ferguson, Franco Paradiso, Tiffany Wang, Bailey O'Brien & Madison Hare. 

After three weeks of tests during the Open, these athletes have stacked up in the top 10% of the Oceania region, qualifying to continue their journey in the Quarterfinals.

This is a great achievement, and we are so proud of these athletes. The work and sacrifice across the past twelve months hasn’t gone unnoticed, and seeing it pay off in big ways is a credit to them.

Across the weekend, the athletes took on 5 workouts, which tested all aspects of their fitness. Finishing with sore bodies, but new PB's, we are so proud of their efforts. With the leaderboard yet to be finalised, we are waiting to see which athletes will progress to the next stage of SemiFinals. 

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