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Established since 2019, BaiFit is a specialist community fitness provider, partnering with like minded individuals and businesses. Our business is led by co-owners Bailey O’Brien & Madison Hare. We have a growing team of casual staff and contractors who are committed to delivering our unique community fitness model. 


BaiFit prides itself on creating long term relationships with our clients, with the key goal of making them confident in all aspects of their lives. We understand the importance and the power of a community. 


The fitness industry can be an intimidating, but we strive to challenge just that. By providing small group training, we aim to do more than improve fitness levels, but build overall confidence. We focus on the psychological aspects of training as much so as the physical. By following this approach, we have been able to make monumental changes to the lives of people within our community.


Our business model is different from most gyms within the Sydney region, as we have a business wise focus on delivering excellence in the small group environment. We believe that this is able to provide the best customer value. 


BaiFits products and service offerings include;

  • Personal Training:

    • 1 on 1 Personal Training

    • Small Group Personal Training

  • Group Fitness:

    • Super Saturday Group Classes

    • Mid Week Mono Group Classes

    • Team Training

  • Online:

    • 8 Week Programs

    • E-Books

  • Specialty:

    • Corporate Training

    • Strength and Conditioning Consulting (Sporting Organisations)

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