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Congratulations to all our BaiFit community who participated in the 2023 Open. At the start of the year, our BaiFit staff set a goal of increasing our Open participation from last year, and we are thrilled to announce that we had over double the amount of participants in 2023. Our BaiFit community truely embraced the challenge, and took the opportunity head on to test their fitness. This years workouts were some of the most difficult to date, and our community didn't shy away from them, and instead saw it as a chance to see how much they have improved over the past twelve months. Some key highlights included seeing people do more consecutive toe to bar than ever before and cycling barbell weights that are close to their 1RM for multiple reps. But we are most impressed with the display of community from each Open night, with the BaiFit HQ being filled with an insane atmosphere. Thank-you again to all those who volunteered each night, and helped make the events run smoothly. We couldn't do it without you. Now back to training, working on all our points for improvement, and taking on local competitions as we prepare for what next season has in store!

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