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And just like that our BaiFit Lockdown Challenge has come to an end (time flies when you are having fun... and in lockdown). At BaiFit, our approach in challenges is to look equally at lifestyle factors and nutrition. We love to help people find healthy habits which mean they carry on beyond the 6 weeks. Some of our favourite challenge highlights have been the mindset shifts, which is equally impressive considering the times we are currently living in.

There have also been some incredible physical changes, which we are so damn proud of.

One in particular is Ruby Scott. We asked Ruby to share some of her insights into the Challenge and the progress she has been able to make.

1. Highlight of the challenge?

The highlight was definitely seeing the results at the end. It has motivated me to keep going and continue this journey. Seeing the result at the end was 100% worth it and made me realise how hard I really worked and how hard I pushed to succeeded.

2. Advice you’d give to someone who is just starting out?

Keep going, keep pushing. Self motivation was something I always struggled with so keeping a plan of action such as doing workouts that suited me and made me want to do them was so important to me. I added in things I wanted to work on such as push ups and doubleunders, it became exciting to see the change in these.

3. Biggest non physical change you’ve had?

My relationship towards food and working out became so healthy. I never realised the joy of working out until I did it everyday. Once I found a passion for working out it became easy. This challenge allowed me to experiment with foods and gave me a new understanding of the importance of good food. I have now realised the effect good food has on my fuelling body.

4. Habits you will be continuing moving forward?

My routine is now so important to me!! Keeping myself accountable and making sure i’m on track with goals. My daily habits were a good way to set me up for that day like making my bed every morning before I train.

BaiFit Lifestyle & Nutrition Coaching is available with a limited intake. If you would like to find out more, please contact us at or fill out the contact form on our website.

Future BaiFit Challenge details will also be revealed in the coming weeks.

Read some of our final check in's below (they hit us right in the feels).

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