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Why Super Saturday? Why not Super Tuesday? Because a Saturday workout sets you up for success. Here are some of our favourite reasons why we love our Super Saturday gang and the thing we’ve got going.

1. Effortless Socialising.

As adults, coordinating social events with a large group of friends can be difficult. Trying to find a time that works in everyone’s schedules is near impossible, and the decision of what to do often rolls around and arounds in circles. Truth be told most people are free on Saturday mornings, just enjoying a leisurely sleep in. A Saturday workout gets you straight into the weekend social scene and you can count on your friends to be there.

2. Socialising in a Positive Environment.

Socialising in your adulthood often means a few too many beverages, and no matter how great the night was, you often feel very average the next morning. We are all about encouraging you to find ways to socialise that make you feel refreshed and recharged, and a Saturday morning workout does just this.

3. A Couple Less Friday Night Beverages.

When you know you have to be up the next morning and that you are going to be working up a sweat, you probably steer away from the excessive amount of drinks. Whilst we support letting your hair down when it is warranted, we also see the benefits of having a few less beverages so you can make the most of the daylight on your weekend.

4. The Post Workout Feed.

Need we say more. The workout is good, but the post workout feed is better.

We hope to see you down as a BaiFit Super Saturday session soon!

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