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What is BaiFit?

"A supportive small group training community, helping you be your most confident self".

When we strip everything back, this is our ethos.

We train a variety of clients including general population, high performance athletes, crossfitters and those who just want to live a more holistic and healthy lifestyle. So how can you find a way to describe what BaiFit does for such a diverse group, who all approach their training in completely different ways.

We build confidence.

Confidence in your physical and mental ability.

And from this confidence, you can approach all aspects of life with a belief that you are ready for anything.

Whether that is the confidence to leap up and take an AFL specky, or walk into the boardroom knowing you are presenting your best self, BaiFit is here to help you do just that.

Come down to a Super Saturday session to experience a community who build one another up. You can also enquire about starting your Personal Training journey with us, and if you can't make it for a face to face session, we can help you with an online program!

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