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Congratulations to all our BaiFit members who competed in our first ever competition, the Summer 2021 Partner Competition! We are so proud of everyone for stepping outside their comfort zone, and trying something new. The competition was every single person's debut in the fitness competition space, and we saw some amazing first time performances.

Throughout the night, we tested strength, skill and endurance, through 4 events. Event 1 was a 1RM Front Squat, which was fitting at the end of our 8 week strength block. If there was a bell, it would have been ringing non-stop because new personal bests were seen across the room. This included a huge 160kg front squat from Sam Dolores, and a XX front squat from Kathryn Atkins.

Event 2 was split into two parts, with Part A testing some of the skills we have been developing including double-unders, toes to ring and wall walks. Julia Dolahenty and Amy Charker were the only female pairing to record a time, with Brad Keough and Scotty Brain blitzing the event. Part B of the event saw the groups go straight into building a heavy complex of a power clean, hang clean and shoulder to overhead. Not surprisingly, Tiffany Wang saw a massive 62kg get overhead, with three of our male teams tie-ing on total weight for the event.

Event 3 was time for our engine kings and queens to shine. Ashlee Gunstone and Ruby Scott took out the top time for our female groups, with three of our male teams heading into the final event on a three way points tie, with the winner taking all. Things were close for the entire event, with our overall winners Brad Keough and Scotty Brain taking the lead in the final stage of the event.

This was our first time running a competition, and we are so happy with how it unfolded. A huge thank-you to our event sponsors Rec Gen, ProForm, Revival and City Cave Bella Vista. The night also couldn't have happened without our amazing team of volunteers who helped ensure everything ran smoothly.

Keep your eyes on our socials and upcoming newsletters for our 2022 competition dates, as we are excited to bring more opportunities to showcase your hard work on the gym floor.



Congratulations to our Female / Female division winners, Elle & Mikayla!

It might shock you to know that these two girls met for the first time 30 minutes before the competition started. Both ladies have been training at the HQ since we opened our doors, but haven't had the pleasure of crossing paths. When Elle was in need of a partner we knew that Mikayla would be perfect (but for some strange reason she was doubting her ability to compete). It is safe to say that these two girls LEFT NO DOUBT! In a talent packed female field, the girls had two W's, showcasing their insane strength numbers, with equally consistent finishes in our skill and engine workouts.



Congratulations to our Male / Male division winners, Brad & Scotty!

Long time BaiFitians, Brad & Scotty came into the final event in a three way tie, with the winner taking all. The lads started Event 1's front squats with two PB's to take third place. All the gymnastics hard work paid off, with their skills event getting the W in Event 2A! But a three way tie in Event 2B set the stage for a final event showdown! After a good rev of the engine, the boys were able to hold on, just edging out second place.

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