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BaiFit classes cater for a variety of fitness levels, who are all alike in their desire to improve and maximise their potential. 

With our three class structures that are designed to work in harmony, giving you the best possible training week. 

Read through the class descriptions to find which option suits you best. 

NOTE: Sweat Classes are designed to work in the training week of both Compete and Hybrid. 


BaiFit Hybrid is for the majority. The fitness enthusiast who is still chasing strength and fitness improvement, just without the desire to necessarily be competitive in the sport of fitness. 


This does not mean it is any ‘easier’ than the Compete class… if anything, it could be harder!


Hybrid will follow a very similar structure for strength and conditioning, but will have less focus on high end skills and the sport of competing.


The Hybrid class structure provides the perfect balance of compound strength, single limb accessory work, and a healthy dose of heavy breathing and high intensity fitness.


Learn and improve your lifting, body awareness, lower level gymnastics movements and engine so you can take on any challenge the fitness space throws at you. 


Expect to LOVE training and always leave fulfilled from routine and progress.

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